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JLX International has its subsidiary company – JLX International Oil & Gas Services FZE company to provide investment and project consulting business since 2012 in the Middle East.

Our consultancy work scope focus on major sectors including: 

upstream and downstream of Oil and Gas

Power plant

Infrastructure projects

Including oil drilling, well completion, pipelines, Central Processing Facility EPC projects, wastewater management, coal and gas power plant, and road and bridge projects etc. in the GCC countries, Iraq and Pakistan.


Under a professional consultancy mandate, JLX acts on behalf of its client, providing cross-business and multidisciplinary support as part of operational management (Public) or assistance (private).


Through its experience and technical, administrative and legal knowledge, JLX consultant also acts as an interface with multiple stakeholders: technical inspectors, coordinators, businesses, planning departments, etc.



  • Feasibility study of the project

  • Project scheduling

  • Project coordination

  • Project planning

  • Regulatory agency coordination & negotiation

  • Risk management

  • Financing solutions

  • Supply chain supporting

  • Logistics supporting for the project

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