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Authorized SINOPEC Lubricant distributor covering Iraq,Kuwait,UAE

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"High Performance: effectively reduce friction and wear, protecting equipment from damage."

JLX International is authorized as a distributor by SINOPEC and authorized to sell in the regions of Iraq, Kuwait, and UAE. SINOPEC GROUP is the largest company specializing in research, manufacture, storage, marketing, and transportation of lubricants wholly owned in Asia.

Lubricant Background.jpg


  1. Oil sample laboratory testing and analysis services

  2. Technical guidance

  3. Product solutions

  4. Logistics and customs clearance, door-to-door delivery services

  5. After-sales support services

Commonly used Lubricant list

To  quickly  fulfill  customer  demands,  we  have  established inventory  bases  in  Iraq  and  Kuwait  regions.  For  more  product inquiries, please contact our team.

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