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Gas Turbine of Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes gas turbines cover virtually every application across the oil and gas value chain, and in other industries, too. Power plants, LNG, and pipeline transmission feature some of our most well-known, innovative solutions. No matter what the application, we approach every turbo-machinery design with the

  • Product safety

  • Accountability and commitment

  • From reactive to proactive

  • Governance

  • Functional and process safety

  • Customer value

goal of optimizing emissions, maximizing operating performance, and reducing the total cost of ownership. Beyond core equipment, we have a comprehensive range of supporting systems and specially designed services and upgrades tailored to the unique challenges of each application.

As your original equipment manufacturer, only Baker Hughes Turbo-machinery & Process Solutions Services has the technical knowledge and field experience to improve the OPEX and productivity of our technologies in your plant.

JLX International Turbomachinery & Process Solutions Team as an authorized agent of Baker Hughes Turbomachinery & Process Solutions Services, we will assist to customers to choose suitable machines, delivery, accessories supply, and give a one - stop experience to later after-sales service.

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Advanced Spare Parts

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Baker Hughes' Gas Compressors are widely used in the energy industry,particularly in liquefied natural gas (LNG) applications, and can adapt to various pressure, flow rate, gas composition, and plant layout requirements. After years of research and optimization, Baker Hughes' Gas Compressors have high performance and reliability, and provide comprehensive solutions, including balance of plant and auxiliary equipment. In addition, Baker Hughes places great emphasis on product safety and quality control, and is committed to providing customers with high- quality products and services in multiple markets.

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Advanced Spare Parts

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