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JLX procurement is based on global awareness and connections with worldwide market leaders. With extensive experience, our capabilities are entrenched in Oil & Gas, Energy, and Constructions sectors.

JLX has long term contracts and established relationships with major Chinese National Drilling companies around the world, especially in Iraq, Kuwait, Africa and Pakistan. However, JLX is not tied to a specific market or a specific trade flow. We survive by being quick and flexible and taking advantage of market shifts.

JLX guiding principle is to represent the most international reputed manufacturers and provides after sales support and services.

Oil & Gas


E&P (Exploration & Production)

CPF (Central Processing Facility)

Storage (Tanks & Pipelines)




Upstream Supplies

OCTG - Casing, Tubing, Drill Pipe
Chemicals and Muds
Drilling Equipment
Wireline & Downhole Instruments 
Process and Control Equipment 
Pipe and Tubular Products 
Valves and Actuators
Hoses and Fluid Handling
Pumps, Parts and Accessories

Downstream Supplies

Flow Control Equipment/ Spares

Switches & Transmitters

Chemical Injection Packages

Cables – Fiber & Electrical

Ring Gaskets, Connectors, Nuts & Bolts

Engines, Motors and Parts
Generators and Transformers
Pipe Fittings and Flanges

EPC/General Supplies

Heavy Equipment & Machinery
Lifting Equipment and Cranes

Lightings and Electrical Products
Mechanical and Electrical Parts
Welding and Cutting Equipment  

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