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About Us

Our company was established in 2012 with its headquarter in Dubai. Dubai is the management and financial center of the company, with branches in China, Iraq, and Kuwait. Each branch is subject to the scheduling of headquarters and responsible for the execution of specific business.​

The main business of the company consists of six major businesses: oil field production supporting material supply, international logistics customs clearance, oil field production equipment leasing, infrastructure engineering services and equipment leasing, international labor dispatch and large-scale project consulting. It mainly serves large oil and gas enterprises in the Middle East. Its domestic business scope covers North China, Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, East China, South China and other places. Its international business covers many countries in the Middle East, including Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Oman, UAE and so on. With the continuous expansion of the company's business, the company from ordinary trading companies to professional oil production and service enterprises.

Based on years of experience in serving large oil and gas enterprises in the Middle East market, the company has formed a complete operating system from source procurement, storage and transportation to sales management and after-sales service.​ In the course of long-term operation, the company has established stable business relations with large state-owned enterprises such as Petrochina, Sinopec, CNOOC and other large domestic energy enterprises, laying a solid foundation for enterprise operation and development. The operation team will stay in the project department and the country where the customer is located, learn about the customer on the spot and meet the customer's needs timely. As the company focuses on the Middle East market, it has close contact with local governments and large oil and gas enterprises in the Middle East, so as to provide convenient conditions for customers to comprehensively solve problems, especially for large-scale project docking. 

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive solutions for middle east oil field production.

Our Vision

To become a well known brand of private oil service enterprise in the middle east.

Core Value

Self-discipline, altruism, creativity and win-win

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